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Slingshots : Trumark The Bat 007

Trumark The Bat slingshot is for sale!
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Trumark The Bat Slingshot - Holds Mini Mag-Lite for Night Hunting
ITEM #: TM-0002

Product Details

Trumark The Bat 007 slingshot is the first slingshot in the world designed to hold a Mini Mag-Lite® 2AA flashlight. Now you can shoot 24 / 7 - DAY + NIGHT! No assistant needed. At night you can illuminate and follow targets up to 100 feet distance. The removable stabilizer can be easily adjusted by pushing it in or out the full length of the aluminum rod. This allows the stabilizer's extra weight to be fine-tune balanced to counteract recoil when the slingshot is shot. Zero in on the Bull's-Eye with Fiber-Optic Sights. Optic sensors capture light rays which make the red & green sights GLOW for better shooting accuracy. • The clear plastic-handle slides down the black-nylon frame and releases SA30 5/16" ammo from the top. When pushed up the ammo chamber becomes "self-sealing" and traps ammo in the handle. • THE BAT has a moderate pull and is fun to shoot! Includes 10 count SA30 5/16" steel-ball "back up ammo" stored in the handle. The slingshot has matched-pull latex TAPERED powerbands with a soft split-leather pouch. 185 Yard Range! (Flashlight not included)

Features include:
  • Trumark Slingshots are the only slingshots on the market today that are made in America!
  • Fiber-Optic Sights
  • Rotating Prongs
  • Removeable Stabilizer (this stabilizer is also used to counteract and reduce the recoil when the slingshot is shot). Because of this feature, the slingshot band does not get worn off easily.
  • All Nylon Frame (very light, good for young kids)
  • Holds Flashlight (Mini Mag-Lite, 2 cell AA)
  • Light Weight
  • Latex Powerbands
  • Split-leather Pouch
  • Soft Recoil Pad
  • Folds Down
  • 200 yd. Range
  • 232 ft/SEC. Velocity
  • Ammo Storage (Handle Holds Ammo)
  • Powerband Saver
  • If you prefer Slingshot with Ammunition Storage, you can also check out Crosman Copperhead Powerstorm (firestorm) Slingshot that offers an exclusive Push Button slingshot feeder, and Trumark Folding FS-1 Slingshot that allows you to store slingshot ammo in the Handle.

  • * State laws prohibit us from shipping or selling slingshots to residents of Massachusetts and New Jersey.

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